Elegant high heels shoes with sharp front

A beautiful girl often has an indescribable feeling about high heels with a taste of taste. In the basis of its attractive and explicit force, it can not avoid a little more self-confidence and intellectual atmosphere, and then combine the design of the element to easily show a high quality and a fan side.

A comfortable shoes, a comfortable shoes really seem very important, the sharp point of the shallow mouth design, showing the appearance of the ankle, really sexy, Asaguchi style, wear up also simple and simple, also very casual, almost 100.

The slender and high heel of the sequine is beautiful and charming, and 8 centimeters of heel makes you go and go like a flat shoe. Walking easy and not tired of the heel shows your feminine taste, and the elegance and charm of women all show out, you are the new favorite of the times.

Show your elegant feminine and high heel, sexy and charming, the right high heel show your leg, the foot effect is very buttocks, farewell to the hump phenomenon, the gait is the feminine posture.

The sharp design and the fashionable PU material combination, create the unique sexy wind, the overall use of simple design, it is a model feeling of European and American wind, a fashion style which is fitted with the aesthetic design of the footsteps. It is very elegant and simple, even if it is broad leg pants can also wear the Queen’s wind.

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