Several correct ways of wearing high heels

High heels are a favorite of many girls, but it is often seen that some girls walk carefully when they are not used to high heels, and feel like they are harnessed by high heels.

If you are not used to walking in high heels, don’t worry. If you use the right way to practice more, you can also have a high heel like a model on the T platform.

Walking in high heels is different from baby toddlers. You have to do this: step slowly and slowly, and do not bend your knees. Don’t stride stride. It’s a man’s way of walking. Sticking to graceful steps will make your posture look more natural, comfortable and feminine.

When you walk on flat shoes, you will not walk with your forefoot, and when you step out, you will not land at the same time. Wearing high heels is the same truth. High heels first landing, followed by the forefoot and toe landing. Then, when your body’s center of gravity falls on your forefoot, move your body forward, as if you are walking on your toes, and you will start taking the next step.

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