Sharp high heels in Summer

Go to school, go on a date to go shopping, want to keep the whole field without pressure, or have a couple of beautiful shoes to help, the summer is full of passion, sandals can wear up, the classic one can wear well, and a reason to make a maiden, the shoe last is narrower, the foot is thinner, the leg is longer, the baby afraid of the heat can be selected. The half slippers of Le Fu shoes style, oh, small and high heels, the extension of leg line is the first choice for small head and small feet. The baby Get is here.

Soft cloth edge, comfortable and not tight, the vamp uses gorgeous glitter material, texture full score. Both feet and inside are made of breathable leather, comfortable and breathable. Small low heel design, daily life and rash can be controlled!

Retro elegant square head, elegant temperament, the feet will be delicate and delicate. Embellishment, focusing on UPUP. The rough and thick atmosphere, the personality design, the polygonal heel of the avant-garde breath.

Charm with a cool and cool lotus leaf shallow mouth, elegant and breathable, commuter wear is more comfortable. With a certain degree of flexibility of the drop printing, it is easier to bend, stable walking, small binding.

It has a detachable shoe, two pairs of shoes and a good shoe suitable for working scenes. Anti skid beef tendon material, exquisite technology, but also has good skid resistance and wear resistance.

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