Wearing comfortable high heels shoes

Whether it is to attend the activities or dancing on the stage, she is wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes, her feet have been distorted, but for beauty, she is still wearing heels! It’s rare for her to attend the event, give up her high heels with shoes, and put on comfortable shoes, but how to see a bit of spicy eyes.

Let’s take a look at Victoria Song’s dress. The side face is really beautiful. Wearing a wave dress shirt, age and fashion, the upper body printing is very bright.

She wore a long white dress. The elements of the wave point were very young and young. The bottom lines of her skirt were irregular ink painting. It felt very delicious. Then a small flower bag was put forward, and the style of literature and art was good. But it was a bit of a surprise to see the shoes on her feet.

The look of her skirt was so nifty that she had a thick pair of sandals on her feet. It was very heavy, and though it was comfortable, it was really hot.

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