What can a woman be without a beautiful pair of high heels shoes?

Although I have heard about it before, I can’t understand the meaning of heighten surgery. Can a small person of one meter five become a strong man of one metre and eight? I’m afraid I haven’t heard of and high heels. High heel shoes up, legs thin, straight back, temperament also came up, women can not have anything, just can not have no high-heeled shoes!

Cats and high-heeled shoes and small sauce always like to call it meow and heel. The heels of cats and heels are generally not high, playing a gentle tiptoe effect, a kind of cat walking soft and lively feeling, and walking up to the foot is not tired! The heel has a funnel shape, from the insole to the bottom of the heel, it has a good transitional function and will not be abrupt.

The style of the square shoe is different from that of the shoe, so it can be said to be dazzling. With short heels, high heels and square heels, the biggest advantage of square heels is to walk very steadily and eliminate the problem that the high heels sometimes make the center of gravity unstable, and the ancient Marie town shoes have brought a big wave of fans to the fans.

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