What will you choose, sports shoes or high heels shoes?

As the trend of women’s fashion in the United States is becoming more and more casual, the shoe market is developing in the same direction. American consumer news and business channel (CNBC) 20, citing the US NPD group’s latest retail tracking data, the total beauty sports shoes sales increased by 37% in 2017, and high heels sales decreased by 11% in the same period.

“Comfort and longing for comfort are becoming the basic needs of consumers,” said NPD executive director Goldstein. Everyone is so busy and keeps running around. ” “Focus on comfort is better in brand performance, because women of all ages need comfort,” she said.

Goldstein said that in the next few years, the trend of sports shoes may continue to grow at a rate of two digits. She said sports shoes are becoming more popular and sales of “hate high” are the fastest. The heel height of these shoes is usually 7.6 centimeters or more. Even in some formal situations, women are increasingly looking for highly practical heels.

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