Zhengzhou women love white sports shoes the most

Recently, the NPD group, the famous American market survey company, announced the latest retail tracking data. In 2017, the sales of full beauty sports shoes increased by 37%, and the sales of high heels were reduced by 11% in the same period. The report points out that women pay more attention to comfort when they buy shoes, which is inseparable from the trend of women’s wear in the last two years, and the popularity of sports shoes has led to a rise in sales.

Similar data also appeared in the UK, with high heels and sneakers, which accounted for 2 percentage points higher than high heels in the latest data.

Henan commercial newspaper reporter inquired the annual report of the domestic big women’s shoes brand. In the 2017 annual report of BELLE international, the footwear business is stressed because of the change of the retail channel passenger flow and the transformation of the consumer style preference. In the last two years, the sales of the footwear business has fallen, the content of the consumer has changed, and the sports participation process has been changed. In fact, the style preference changed from fashion shoes to sports leisure.

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